Poems that Inspire the Soul

Poems That Inspire

~Life~ Nan Terrell Reed

They told me that Life could be just what I made it Life could be fashioned and worn like a gown;

I, the designer, mine the decision

Whether to wear it with bonnet or crown.

And so I selected the prettiest pattern Life should be made of the rosiest hue

Something unique, and a bit out of fashion, One that perhaps would be chosen by few.

But other folks came and they leaned o’er my shoulder; Someone questioned the ultimate cost;

Somebody tangled the thread I was using; One day I found that my scissors were lost.

And somebody claimed the material faded; Somebody said I’d be tired ere ’twas worn; Somebody’s fingers, too pointed and spiteful, Snatched at the cloth, and I saw it was torn.


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