What is my Purpose? humility

I want to know: What is My Purpose?

The goal really isn’t to find the final answer to what is my purpose? The goal is to make you think. I want you to say “Wow I never thought about it that way”

Spiritual Leader

How to Become a Spiritual Leader in Ten Easy Steps

Many aspire to become a Spiritual leader, yet few achieve true success in the field. It is sad to see so much talent going to waste when they have all that it takes to truly lead people on a path of spiritual advancement, but they seem to be lacking the essential tools, to start off their own path of success.

Rituals for meditation

Rituals for Meditation

In spite of what the mandatory positivity and hype surrounding contemporary spirituality might suggest, observing a regular meditation practice can become challenging over time. Developing Rituals for Meditation can help you focus your time for meditation.

Orgasmic Enlightenment

Orgasmic Enlightenment

Is it possible to attain higher consciousness through orgasm? In this article, Yogini and blogger Mariah Freya explore Orgasmic Enlightenment and the attainment of higher states of consciousness, from the point of view of science and according to the teachings of spiritual masters.

A path to enlightenment

A Path to Enlightenment

A Path to Enlightenment A Path to Enlightenment doesn’t have to be difficult. Only our lack of desire for the truth holds us back. Enlightenment is in all of us, it just has to be found. Be open and accepting,…

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