Sinful Thoughts

Your Sinful Thoughts are OK. They Don’t Really Exist

Everything you are made of, your feelings, sensations, thoughts, exist only in your mind. Nowhere else do they exist. No one else can hear them. It’s your own private world. There may only be one physical world here on earth but there are billions of private worlds. Each one of us in our own private observatory watching the same physical world but interpreting it differently.

A Healthy Ego

Forming a Healthy Ego Powers Your Journey To Enlightenment

A Healthy Ego Powers Your Journey To Enlightenment
Building, nurturing, and maintaining a strong, healthy ego is the very best place to start on your journey to enlightenment.
Prescient mind, Albert Einstein, famously stated that nothing happens until something moves. The same could be said about Personal Development and one’s ego.
No Mind Development can take place until your ego is firmly, and definitely, under your care and direction.
If you have been studying this site diligently, we are well on the way to accelerating this never ending, but forever exhilarating, process.

How to be more mindful

Quotes on Being Mindful

Being mindful can improve our lives. Mindfulness is the act of focusing on the moment at hand in a non-judgmental way. Mindfulness improves our health because it relaxes us and reduces stress and anxiety. It allows us to quiet the endless distracting chatter of our mind so we can focus on the current moment. When we experience mindfulness, we connect with our inner thoughts and feelings so we can make calm, positive decisions.

Are we in the matrix?

Are we in the Matrix? Are Angels testing us?

The idea that we are in a computer simulation has pop culture, philosophical, and theological supporters, but now it may have science on its side. Are we in the Matrix?

Rituals for meditation

Rituals for Meditation

In spite of what the mandatory positivity and hype surrounding contemporary spirituality might suggest, observing a regular meditation practice can become challenging over time. Developing Rituals for Meditation can help you focus your time for meditation.

15 Great Principles Shared by all religions

15 Great Principles Shared by all religions

The world’s religions all seem to ask that their followers seek different paths to enlightenment. Yet beneath the seeming differences lies a pool of universal truth.

These 15 great principles shared by all religions strips away the superficial differences between faiths by showing that the great religious principles are expressed almost word for word in every religion.