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The Shadow Self

Embracing your Shadow Self

There is a part of us that we’d rather not know about. A dark part. A part of our consciousness that we try to hide and deny. It’s the dark part that we believe isn’t acceptable to others or even to ourselves. It’s buried deep inside, hidden. It’s the part that makes us think “there is something wrong with me”, I can’t be loved”, “I’m not worthy”.

Are we in the matrix?

Are we in the Matrix? Are Angels testing us?

The idea that we are in a computer simulation has pop culture, philosophical, and theological supporters, but now it may have science on its side. Are we in the Matrix?

What is my Purpose?

I want to know: What is My Purpose?

The goal really isn’t to find the final answer to what is my purpose? The goal is to make you think. I want you to say “Wow I never thought about it that way”

sinful thoughts

Your Sinful Thoughts are OK. They Don’t Really Exist

Everything you are made of, your feelings, sensations, thoughts, exist only in your mind. Nowhere else do they exist. No one else can hear them. It’s your own private world. There may only be one physical world here on earth but there are billions of private worlds. Each one of us in our own private observatory watching the same physical world but interpreting it differently.

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