Finding a Higher Power

Finding a Higher Power

Are you resistant in Finding a higher power?

I’ve been on a search for something stronger than me. Something more Powerful. Something that is not “God” as the Christian bible knows it “A Higher Power”. As a child I was raised Catholic and what was quite satisfied with it. As the years went by I found myself questioning God’s existence. Some how the existence of God had become improbable. Finding a higher power is very important to me and if you’re reading this it’s probably important to you as well. Hopefully this short article will help in this endeavor.


I suppose it all started around the time I learned that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny didn’t exist. These magical creatures couldn’t possibly exist. There were just too many questions. such as how can Santa land on every roof top in the entire world in a single night or how does the Easter Bunny manage to deliver all those eggs. I eventually learned they were just fanciful creatures our parents created to introduce us to and help us cherish important Christian holidays.It didn’t take me long to start questioning the possibility of God’s existence as well. I came to believe that God was invented to explain things that we couldn’t understand in the same vein as the ancient Greeks and Romans did with their Gods. What makes us think that our God is more real than their Gods were. But enough with that.

This article isn’t really about whether or not God exists but rather about finding a Higher Power that you can rely on and fall back to when things get rough. Despite what you may think having a Higher Power doesn’t require that you believe in God (although that sure does help). A Higher Power can be anything you want. A rock if that really floats your boat. Some choose ‘nature’ others choose the earth or the universe itself. Perhaps your faith lies in science. Why can’t science be a Higher Power? For a long time my Higher Power was my father. It doesn’t matter what or who it is just as long as you have one.

Why do we need a Higher Power? You don’t but it sure does help. A Higher Power humbles you. It makes you realize that there is something or someone out there more powerful than yourself. Finding a Higher Power is a way to give up control and subsequently, give up the burden of the future. The only thing any of us can control are our own actions. That’s it. Everything else is, and always will be, completely out of our control. “Giving it to a Higher Power” is simply a medium to acceptance. The closer you are connected to your Higher Power, the easier it is to hand stuff over. At the times when you feel Powerless you can turn to your Higher Power for comfort and support. Finding a Higher Power can be a bit daunting. If not God then what or who?

You may be wondering how a rock can be a Higher Power. For some people it can. Having a rock in your hands at your time of need can be very comforting. You can feel it; rub it and bang it on the ground. You can meditate about it. Observe how hard and solid it is. It can stand up to a lot of pressure. Perhaps you should be as hard as that rock…..

Finding your higher power really isn’t that difficult. Surely there is something out there that you marvel at. Something that really makes you think. Something or someone you respect and admire. If you can’t find anything that works, stop looking! You don’t have to seek out your Higher Power if you allow it, it will come to you. There are steps you can take th help you along. I found the following tips from the Author Tim Stoddart. A Blogger for Spiritual Nation. I’ve taken the liberty to replace the word God with something that is more acceptable to me. I hope Mr. Stoddart doesn’t mind.

Be Open Minded

Listen to everything people have to say. You don’t have to agree with everyone. It is absolutely your right to disagree with someone’s views. Still, listen with an open mind. Consume the information and then make a decision weather it works for you or not. You will find you have more in common with other people than you think.


Be still. Listen. In life, and especially within our society, it is so difficult to quiet our minds. It is very hard to find peace with so much commotion going on around us all the time. Dedicate some time to be by yourself; no music, no cell phone, no TV. Sit still and practice being in the moment. Do this consistently and you will reach new depths of self-discovery.


Personally, when I pray I don’t think anyone is listening. I am not convinced there is an all-knowing deity listening to what I have to say. The important thing is that when you pray, you are engaged with your higher power. You are forming a relationship with the governing forces of the Universe. I can’t explain how or why, but I promise you that the Universe will talk back.

Help People

When you serve others, you are getting outside of yourself. When we help other people, all of our own fears and insecurities disappear because we are focused on something outside of ourselves. Serving others is a direct line to understanding a higher power. When you feel the result of a good deed, it is its own reward and you will likely feel a part of something much greater.

Keep Searching

You must stay open to new ideas and discoveries. No one will ever completely understand what real powers are out there. The human condition does not allow for absolute clarity in this. The more answers you find, the more questions you will have. This is a good thing because your willingness to search is directly correlated with your willingness to grow. No matter how content, how old, or, how confident we may become, it is critical that we always keep our mind and our hearts open.

I hope you find this article helpful. My life became much more manageable when I came to realize that there is something out there more powerful than me that I can turn to when I’m at my most vulnerable. I home this helps make your life more manageable as well.


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