Google: What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Things You Lose as a Result of a Spiritual Awakening

What is spiritual enlightenment?  This is a question I’ve recently been asking myself. It’s also a question that has many different answers.

Throughout my entire adulthood, I’ve been struggling to find a connection with this world, this universe. I was raised Catholic and as a child, I believed in God and the Catholic teachings. As I got older I drifted away from Catholicism and began to doubt the existence of God. I suppose I look at the way people look at God to be a childish view. I don’t think God is a single entity that rules the world, punishes us for our sins, creates miracles on our behalf…..

It’s all too fantastically basic. No more believable than are the ancient gods of the Greeks. What makes the Catholic God more believable than the God(s) of any other religion? I don’t think we’re advanced enough to really understand and to know if and how he/she/it exists. I suppose that makes me Agnostic, however, I don’t adhere to much of what Agnostics have to say either.

I do feel there is something out there that connects me to this Universe. This is where my search began. This website is about my search for this connections. I’m scouring the Internet trying to find something that makes a Spark inside me.

I recently stumbled on the term “Spiritual Enlightenment” and have been thinking that this may be what I’m looking for. Finding out what that term means with a simple answer is next to impossible. So I’ve asked the all mighty Google and got a whole plethora of explanations. Here are some of the more interesting answers I’ve found.

So here we go…

GOOGLE: “what is spiritual enlightenment?

Well, that didn’t work too well. Apparently, it can’t be defined in a simple paragraph which is what I was hoping for. Most of the articles and definitions I found are super duper long. That’s not for me. Fortunately, during my search, I came across a page that asks this same question and received seven Answers This page is on the Website Quora. With no disrespect or intended infringement from Quora, I’m going to post these answers here.

There are a lot of answers. Some are very long and make no sense. Others claim if you don’t follow there religious teaching you won’t obtain spiritual enlightenment. So I’m going to be selective and only post the ones that aren’t so self-centered and that touch a chord with me. I hope they do with you as well!

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