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Regis Chapman, “I am a lifelong spiritual person, with formal training in Yoga and Vedanta”

This question itself imposes a false duality that the enlightened can see, but does not believe.

Enlightenment is not an object. It is also not a state. It is instead a unified perspective informed by the whole that does not ‘apprehend it’ in order to experience it.

This is why it is said that it cannot be said, it must be experienced.

All terms, states, or other perspectives informed by the subject/object viewpoint (or any limited viewpoint at all) will not be had by one who is enlightened perfectly.

I say perfectly because karmic forces must be paid. Not all spiritual enlightenment is the same to all karmic beings.

Some become partly enlightened and so have abilities that seem beyond those of “normal” people. This isn’t simply intelligence, even if we regard it as such.

Some gain powers to see into the nature of physics and material reality, like Nikola Tesla or Walter Russell.

Some gain some insight into the nature of social systems like David R. Hawkins, and some considerable control over their own physical bodies.

In the end, the question is- do I need to be born again? I can always choose to do so, but if I do not NEED to be born again, this is when I can say I’m enlightened, even if it is only the entire universe who knows or hears.

Ok this is good. It’s easy to understand, not too long and doesn’t enforce a particular religion. I think I’ll look further into this guy. Don’t be surprised if I post an article about or from him.

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