Google: What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Things You Lose as a Result of a Spiritual Awakening

Sudhakar Palanivelu, “I have studied in the university called life and failed many times and learned precious lessons.”

What do you mean by spiritual enlightenment? I hope you mean enlightenment.

We are born enlightened. Every child is enlightened when it is born. But it is not aware of anything. A child has all the characteristics of an enlightened person (Buddha) except the fact it is not aware. It is unconsciously enlightened, to be exact.

As the child grows up, it loses its innocence, wondering eyes, the freshness of mind, it starts having memory, thinks about future, worries, develops cunningness, cares about others’ opinion, develops the ego and so on mainly due to parents, elders, and society.

We teach the child to be competitive, selfish (self-centered), egoistic, knowledgeable and materialistic. As the boy/girl grows up, they completely lose their natural qualities and accumulate characteristics required to come up first in school, college and to get a lucrative job. Then their aim is to get married, raise children and accumulate wealth. In this process, the average man/woman move far away from their true self and they cover themselves with education, job, personality, family, society, wealth and status.

At one stage, we get fed up with everything and find our lives meaningless. Rarest of rare, very few people realize the falsehood of everything and strive to find out the way to truth and everlasting bliss.

Enlightenment is nothing but realizing that all of our accumulations like education, personality, strong/beautiful body, spouse, parents, children, job, wealth and societal status will not give us ultimately, everlasting bliss. And these accumulations are necessary only for external/materialistic life and not helpful/useful for our inner peace and everlasting bliss.

Once we realize this truth, we no longer get attached to all those accumulations since childhood. But it doesn’t mean we renounce everything and become a sanyasi/sage. We use them in the external world without getting attached. And mentally we get detached from everything, the newly born child state, but with full awareness/alertness. We start seeing the world with wondering eyes of a child, we see everyone as if we look at them freshly, we die to our past every moment and get birth every moment, we will not have ego, hatred, and we act and respond spontaneously, without prejudice, full of compassion, awareness and always blissful.

This state is called enlightenment. There were people who became enlightened after so much of years of struggle and strive, while others got enlightened accidentally in a moment all of a sudden.

Ok, so enlightenment is like a child who hasn’t yet experienced the tribulations of life. Interesting. It reminds me of the book “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff. I highly recommend that book. When it was recommended to me I bought it on Amazon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the real book. It was titled “The Tao of poo” which was about poop! Eventually, I got the real on and enjoyed it thoroughly.

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