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Things You Lose as a Result of a Spiritual Awakening

The 3 monotheistic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam all preach Transcendence but with God being both immanent and “outside” his creation.

The great Eastern religions contend that God is immanent and part of his creation. We “merge with his essence”.

This small distinction makes a vast difference to the World View since ultimately in the latter, Man himself becomes the measure of all things. For Christians, this marks the “Sin of Lucifer” and the resultant a world controlled by Luciferianism.

However, they all agree that within this “transcendent realm” there is a hierarchy of beings. This “other dimension” contains Angels, Demons, Jinn, with various operating principles for effects on our reality.

Once you have learned that you are not your body, your mind or your emotions that there is an essential you that is not your Ego – Your BEING, in other words, your spiritual development can begin. Enlightenment is merely the start of another long process in the climbing the Holy Mountain.

Most people pass through life unaware that it is possible to “part the veil” in life and only arrive at this realization at the point of death.

A few Sages, Mystics and Religious Avatars have “pierced this veil” that separates the transcendent reality from normal everyday reality and then return to help their “fellow” man on their path – for we are all seekers. These Sages or Mystics teach and develop a process for the worship of the universally appreciated sentient intelligence they call God.

This is called- a “Religion” ….meaning Re-Ligare, the rebounding with “the One”. That accomplishment is called “enlightenment”.

The beneficence or maleficence, properties, changes in outlook, changes in World View, implications for the life of the “enlightened” seeker are many and varied, as is the process for its achievement. We see in the diagram below the “slippery” totem pole that has to be climbed by the seeker toward this goal.

On the left the path of the Mystic, on the right the path of the Sage and below, on its side, the general spiritual evolution of the New Agers from matter to spirit

First I’ll give credit for his title: “Eclectic collector of thoughts on existence and creation and Bible Student” I like it! Again I like that even though he touches on structured religion he addresses multiple religions. The paragraph I italicized is great and will stick with me. I’m beginning to think I can learn from structured religions as long as I don’t start adhering to there rules and laws and don’t settle for just one religion.


Bhishm Sharma, Had an Enlightenment glimpse 24 years ago

Dear friends, I will explain enlightenment with a simple analogy, as clearly as possible. Suppose a completely white paper. Now, suppose something written on it with the help of pin scratches. You see, words appear united with the paper, like the waves on the water, not separate. Now suppose background paper turns black except the scratched words. Now, the white words appear distinct and separated from the background paper.

The same thing appears in the case of our self. Our pure self is all bright light. Each and every conscious brain activity is just a wavy disturbance in it, totally united, nothing separate. Simply saying world is indistinct from our self. It is just like as scratches on the white paper. Now, what happens that we become more and more attached to the world, wanting its clearest and distinct vision. In obvious response, background self-turns dark enabling wavy scratches on itself to be distinct and extra prominent, matching to the basic survival instinct of a creature. Now, what is to be done is actually reversing this phenomenon through practicing unity consciousness and unattached attitude.

For my detailed enlightenment story, please refer to my answer to Quora questions, what is satori or what are symptoms of enlightenment or what it feels to be Enlightened?

I like that he uses an analogy but I must say it went over my head or maybe it doesn’t make sense. Bonus points for being short.

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