Google: What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Things You Lose as a Result of a Spiritual Awakening

Yishai Shasha

spiritual enlightenment as a reality is very different than spiritual enlightenment as a concept.

because the nature of enlightenment is beyond mind, the mind is going to have a hard time understanding it, It’s like pouring the whole ocean into a child’s aquarium.bvEnlightenment is very very simple, that’s why the mind misses it. It isn’t something you can acquire or achieve since it is your nature.

It isn’t the end or death of mind, since the enlightened being is able to use words concepts language and metaphors, logic and planning etc etc

It. isn’t a state of permanent happiness, that would become a kind of suffering

It isn’t what you can think.

Enlightenment is returning back to source and living as the source in a human body.

God/ creator/source/the One/Tao isn’t and has never been outside of you. You are it, but there’s a wall that blocks you from seeing that and truly living that. That wall is mind. Mind tricks you into an illusion of being a separate entity from the whole. This separate entity is called the ego mind. Ego mind allows you to live a movie in which you are separate from God.

in that movie, you have a beginning and an end. You make choices and take actions, you have a history and you relate to other fragmented separate ego minds, and to the physical universe. But guess what: all along it was the one pretending it was you, the separate entity….. Haha!

Enlightenment is simply the end of the illusion of being a separate entity and returning back to the source: God. Now, God knows that God is in this body on this planet playing the role of a human.

you see why the mind can’t grasp it? It’s mind-boggling!

Well Said! It’s complicated! We really can’t wrap our minds around it so total enlightenment will always be beyond us.

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