In what way do we exist?

In what way do we exist?

In what way do we exist? That’s a question worth pondering

Perhaps it’s because I’m agnostic (or at least that’s the closest thing I can relate to) that I ask this type of question. I’ve come to develop quite a few theories (or fantasies) about our existence, I don’t expect you to think that my theories are the truth, I just ask that you keep an open mind and allow yourself to ponder it for a while. So here is one possible answer to the question: In what way do we exist?

In what way do we exist? Could we be a dream of God’s?

Looking ahead through the windshield of your car all you see is a bright pair of headlights. Getting brighter, bigger, coming closer and closer. CRASH!

This is the last thing you remember.

All you know now is that you’ve been in this state for a while, how long a while you don’t know. It seems all your senses are gone. You can’t see, feel, hear, smell. You now exist in nothingness.

Outside the world of your nothingness, your family surrounds you in a the hospital where you reside. Selfishly they hold onto hope hoping one day you’ll come out of it. A feeding tube has been inserted to give you nutrition and water. You’re on a ventilator so you can breath.

Being in this world of nothingness is tedious so you sleep, you dream. In your dream you have your own world, any thing you want. You create a place to live, a house with a yard, trees, flowers. You create friends to share your new world with. The perfect world of your dreams.

It doesn’t take to long before this perfect world also becomes tedious so you create challenges and conflict for your world. You give friends friends and enemies. You allow your mind to wander, allowing things in your dream to happen and then forget you allowed those things. In a sense you’ve given your invented friends freedom. They now seem to do things that catch you by surprise. You’ve allowed your mind to separate. One part being your new world, the other part observing this new world. Sometimes what this new world does surprises you.

This new world, this second consciousness that you created has one sole purpose. That purpose is to make things interesting.
Good things happen. Your new friends have friends, create families, discover and invent. Your world grows.
Bad things happen. There is conflict, chaos, fights, wars. You find this can also be good. These things though seemingly negative have your interest. You see that these conflicts allow for growth and learning. But sometimes things go to far.

You see that if things continue the world will be destroyed. You hear your new friends begging for help. If you don’t change things your world will be destroyed and you’ll find yourself back in a world of nothingness.

Intervening in this new world proves difficult. Since you created this new world and allowed it to separate from yourself it’s difficult to intervene. But it is possible. You find if you concentrate hard enough you can manipulate things. Put action and thoughts into one of your little friends causing this friends interactions with other friends to react in your favor.

This little bit of influence still isn’t enough. You practice interacting with your dream. You get better at it. With a lot of effort and concentration you find you can actually put yourself into this new world. You have greater influence on your friends, find you can easily manipulate things. Your friends rejoice in your influence and once again the world is not at great risk of destruction.

It doesn’t take long before you realize your ability to influence this world takes away from the surprises and interest you wanted in the first place. So you allow your new world self to die but not before ensuring that your influences are left behind. You tell your friends to spread your world then you leave.

This is good.

As you enjoy your new world you begin to wonder. What happens when I finally die? Will my created world cease to exist? What if I don’t exist but am merely the imagination of someone else?

Someone imagined a world where I imagined a world. Perhaps someone in my imagined world imagined another world.

So to answer the question “In what way do we exist?” Perhaps we’re a dream of God’s that’s gone rogue.


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