A Single Blade of Grass

Inner awareness

Finding your Inner Awareness
in a Single Blade of Grass

Children can focus on a single blade of grass with a relaxed inner awareness that would take an adult practicing meditation years to master.

You can’t walk or run all the time. Sit down occasionally and see your surroundings. If you go in and out of a house every day, there may be one particular blade of grass on the lawn that always stands there watching you go by, but you don’t even notice it because you’re preoccupied with getting to work on time. You’re thinking about the traffic, you’re thinking about the day ahead—“When I get to the office I’m going to do this and do that”—and you miss the little blade of grass that stands as a protector, trying in its own way to filter the air so we can all breathe better. our missing your inner awareness. The grass and its relatives are beneficial to our bodies, so next time you rush out, stop, look down, and say thank you before you go on. It’s an injection of joy and beauty into your life. That little blade of grass has life just as we have life. Sit down and notice the world around you. Cherish your inner Child.

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inner awareness, single blade of grass

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