Is it enough just going to church?

Is it enough just going to church?

Is it enough just going to church?

Does reading the bible and going to Church give you a free pass to heaven?
Or is there more to it?

Lets Ponder:

Introducing two very wonderful people:

Mary Ellen Hackensouth and John Delaney Milnorth.

Mary Ellen Hackensouth was a very devout Christian. Loved God. Loved reading the Bible and loved going to church. Mary woke up every morning without the need for an alarm. She would dress, have a quick breakfast and scurry on off to church. So devout was she that nothing would stop her from getting there.

John Delaney Milnorth loved life. He loved the world and the people in it. John enjoyed walking the neighborhood everyday greeting the neighbors, watching the birds and squirrels in the trees. And admiring the plants and flowers that he had seen. John has always questioned God’s existence. “It’s just too fantastic to be true”, he thinks.

Both John and Mary lived downtown in St. Louis on a street called Questionable. And questionable it was yet both were happy there and felt safe. Ms. Hackensouth had God and the Bible watching over her. John knew the neighborhood well and all the people by name.

Introducing a third player in this story:

just going to church

Homeless Jacob Maroney. Jacob, as his full name indicates was homeless. The reason for his homelessness really doesn’t matter in this story and out of respect for his privacy will not be discussed.

Every morning Jacob would stake a claim on the stoop of an abandoned building, wrapped up in a tattered raincoat and sporting an unkempt beard. Gently he would shake a can at passerby’s hoping for some change. 

Mary felt sorry for the man. She couldn’t bear to see him like that. He made her uncomfortable so she often crossed the street to avoid the discomfort. Besides she didn’t have time, she was just going to church. Poor soul, if only he had God in his life. Sometimes while at church she would pray for him. She would pray that he would find God.

John’s walks also pass by Jacob. Unlike Mary John is curious. He always stops for a little chat (unlike you and me, John knows why Jacob is homeless). When John and Jacob are finished chatting, John tosses a coin into the can and listens for the “cling tingle tonk” it makes as it hits bottom. He would put on an extra wide smile when the coin didn’t “cling tingle tonk” but rather “clunk” Indicating the can had other coins in it. “Poor Soul” John would think, “If only his luck would turn”.

One day John and Mary found themselves standing on the same street corner waiting for the light to turn. After a short greeting, they proceeded to cross the street. As it turns out neither John nor Mary were lucky that day. A speeding car came barreling down the street and struck them both down.

          Sad I know, but God’s will and all.

They appear at the same time at Heaven’s Gate. St. Joseph is there. Pondering their life, he wonders if he should let them through. One the Other or Both?

What would you do if you were St. Joseph?

Until appearing at Heaven’s Gate John questioned God’s existence, never accepted him into his life. But he shows great love and kindness for his fellow man.

Mary has accepted God into her life, shows the love of her Bible but has little interest in the plight of her fellow man.

I would love to hear your opinion on this.
As for me, I believe it takes more than going to church and that God is accepting of anyone regardless of their belief so long as you have love in your heart.


There are approximately 15 Tribes in Peru that have never had contact with the outside world. They have never been introduced to any of our modern conveniences, knowledge or our religions. As difficult as it is scientists have found ways to unobtrusively observe these tribes. In their observations, they’ve seen the societal structure, caring families and even signs of spiritual worship.

During my quest for enlightenment, I keep these people in mind. I’ve been told by many of my Christian friends that if you don’t let Jesus Christ into your life you won’t be saved. You won’t make it to heaven. These good people have never been introduced to Jesus, which means they can’t accept Jesus in there life. Does this mean they are doomed to hell?

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Diane Marie Pierro

I think they both made it through. Just because you don’t go to church doesn’t mean you’re not saved/a Christian… you can be a very good Christian and not attend church. Someone can “think” they’re a Christian only because they go to church, but just because you go to church every week doesn’t mean you’re a Christian. If you believe in Christ, believe that he died on the cross for your sins… asked for forgiveness of all your sins, you’re saved/a Christian.


it is more important to walk a path then to know the path. how many of us now right from wrong as it where but still dont do the right thing? to judge both of these people is asking to be judged by the same standard that we judged them. what made mary join an follow her path was she “programmed” by parents or family or did something happen in her life to put her on that path. was johns life blessed did he not need the connection to something higher or deeper with in himself. an what of jacob… Read more »