Is there a Universal Language?

Is there a Universal Language

Is there a Universal Language?

Language is more than just a bunch of words. It’s a way of communicating our inner thoughts to others. Without language, we would never be able to share ideas and discoveries. We would be stifled. Our species would not be able to grow and expand as we do now. Even with our created language, we are limited by the fact that there are so many different languages in the world. It is difficult for someone who speaks Chinese to explain a thought or discovery to a person who only speaks English. Wouldn’t it be great if all people of all cultures and all regions of the world could communicate and understand each other? Perhaps we can. After doing some research online I’ve found that there is evidence of a language that can be universally understood. It simply needs to be identified and understood.

What are the requirements of a Universal Language? Obviously, it has to be understood by everyone (Ideally by aliens and animals as well). In my opinion, it should also allow for communicating the most complex ideas in the shortest fastest way.

Symbols and Universal language
All communication, genuine communication, is related to the use of symbols. You see this most often in places where people of many different cultures are brought together. One ideal example of this would be in an international airport. Anyone of any culture speaking any language can easily find a restroom and tell which one is for which gender.

Emoticons and Hieroglyphs
Emoticons are globally recognized. They started with facial emotions, added gestures (think of the famous thumbs up emoji) and went on to add a big chunk of our most common vocabulary rendered in visual form. What started with ‘the smiley face’ has exploded into ‘pizza’, ‘coffee mug’ and ‘sailboat’. Much of everything.
Emoticons aren’t an original idea. Hieroglyphs were created thousands of years ago and served the same purpose emoticons and pictograms do now. Hieroglyphs are capable of conveying complex ideas through the use of images. However, they failed to evolve in the way emoticons are doing now.

An individual hieroglyph doesn’t convey a lot of meaning. It can represent a simple thing such as “King” by showing a drawing a king. Simple enough but how does one combine hieroglyphs to convey something more complex such as “The King is fascinating”? Emoticons seem to be evolving into something that can communicate more complex ideas with a single icon.

Is English evolving into a Universal Language?
it is highly essential to know the English language for communication. In general, the most popular language is English. Nearly any country you go to has signs they display not only the native language but English as well. Schools in most countries require that students learn a second language. That second language is almost always English.

The English language is forever evolving. It’s getting faster. Abbreviations are rampantly becoming popular. Particularly due to text messaging. For example “LOL” means “laugh out loud”. Not only is LOL expressed through text but actually saying “LOL” when talking to someone is commonplace. It’s become a word. One word that relays the same message as what used to take three words. Lets also not forget using “I’ve” for “I have” and “we’ve” for “we have” The English language is getting shorter and faster. Can you imagine how fast we’ll be speaking in the next century?

My dog and the Universal Language (Body Language)
Body language is an important part of this Language. It’s with this that we can communicate happiness sadness, nervousness…. simply be the expression of your face. I think it’s fascinating that body language and speech can be used at the same time to communicate.

In my humble opinion, the best example of communicating through body language comes from my dog ‘Eli’. He’s a master at communicating without words. He has no problem telling me he’s happy or scared simply by the position of his tail. Eli tells me he trusts me by exposing his belly to me. I always know when he’s hungry or when he wants to go potty and I’m sure anyone who knows dogs in any country would know what he’s expressing as well. Although this language is limited or perhaps in its infancy. Eli still hasn’t been able to tell me how he managed to get out of the house and wondered a mile away. However, when he was done with his journey he was able to find a human and tell said human to call me to pick him up!

This was intended to be a short article so I’m not going to get into it but it’s worth noting that dancing is another form of body language. An evolved form that allows for a large amount of expression through the movement of the body.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The aliens in Close Encounters don’t just land on the White House lawn, throw up a peace sign, and announce, “We come in peace. Everyone chill.” Lacking knowledge of how humans communicate, they don’t have that option.

Instead, they try those universal languages of math, music, and imagery. They introduce the five-tonal phrase, send an RSVP using longitude and latitude coordinates, and implant images of Devils Tower into people’s brains. Since the humans don’t get it, there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty. Not until some common ground is established during the climactic encounter does the fear turn to wonder and amazement.

So in my own humble the future Universal Language will consist of us rapidly speaking with shortened words (perhaps sounding like ticks and clicks?) while dancing.





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