Practicing Humility and being Humble

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My thoughts on humility

humility, Blended Accords, Guru Logo

“I was given a medal for my being humble but it was taken away when I began to wear it.”
– Anonymous

I pride myself on being humble. But isn’t that very pride detrimental to being humble? At what point does this pride interfere? Can I not be proud of myself? Or is it only a problem when I share this pride with others?

I could ‘notshare that pride but I’ll still know I’m proud therefore I’m not being humble. Which means being aware of my humbleness means I’m not humble.
this makes my head hurts.

Can a person become humble or is it innate?

Being aware of your own humility is a paradox. Thankfully paradoxes need no answer. It’s merely semantics, a limitation of the English language. Becoming humble is not a goal with an end. It’s a never tending journey. The more you practice being humble the easier it becomes.

But you first have to start by being aware of it. Applying it.

How does one become humble? PRACTICE!

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