Practicing Humility and being Humble

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Laugh at yourself. Learn to laugh at yourself: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Nobody is perfect. Laughing at yourself makes you swallow your pride. When you laugh at yourself, you are indicating that you can be wrong and you accept that you will make mistakes. It conveys that you are not keeping a façade of knowing everything. It helps you to keep going in life. Laughing at yourself indicates that you have an optimistic personality and a good sense of humor.

Don’t complain: You won’t hear humble people complaining much. They are always happy for what they have. It is okay to whine or complain at times when the going gets tough, but you shouldn’t make it a habit. Realize that there are many people who are much worse off than you.

When you get hurt, communicate it to the person:You may often think that humility is about moving on when you get hurt without doing anything about it. Usually when you get hurt, you keep all the anger inside. But when you acknowledge that you got hurt and then say that you will try to let it go, it makes things easier for you and the people around you. This will help you develop a good, clean and wholesome relationship with others.

Forgive. Forgiving people who have hurt you: Whether in a small or big way, it a difficult thing to do. Forgiving requires humility. Don’t count or keep a record of the wrongs done. Move on without revenge.

Avoid bragging: Stop the urge to brag or show off. Avoid showing off your accomplishments or your talents or skills. Recognize your talents as gifts not as your abilities.

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