A path to enlightenment

A Path to Enlightenment

A Path to Enlightenment A Path to Enlightenment doesn’t have to be difficult. Only our lack of desire for the truth holds us back. Enlightenment is in all of us, it just has to be found. Be open and accepting,…

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Zen Stories, Zen Stories of Enlightenment, Zen

Zen Stories of Enlightenment

Here is a collection of Zen Stories that hopefully will help you in your Journey to Enlightenment God and Air A hermit was meditating by a river when a young man interrupted him. “Master, I wish to become your disciple,”…

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Things You Lose as a Result of a Spiritual Awakening

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Throughout my entire adulthood, I’ve been struggling to find a connection with this world, this universe. I was raised Catholic and as a child, I believed in God and the Catholic teachings. As I got older I drifted away from Catholicism and began to doubt the existence of God. I suppose I look at the way people look at God to be a childish view. I don’t think God is a single entity that rules the world, punishes us for our sins, creates miracles on our behalf…..