The 12 Step Cycle Of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

The 12 Step Cycle Of Spiritual Awakening

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

I have been lucky enough to be able to speak with many people who are experiencing what you might call an “awakening”. My work allows me to communicate directly with hundreds of people every week and I have noticed a similar process that people go through when they start to connect with their higher selves.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

It is when the line between the physical and spiritual reality thins. People often think of this as gaining something, however, it is actually the loss of conditioning that initiates this process.

When the conditioning that has been placed upon us through media, loved ones and influences in our lives starts to thin, we start to see the world as it is. But not only the world, we start to see ourselves as we are. I believe that through this life, all past lives and all future lives we are here to fulfill a purpose- and until we fulfill that purpose we keep going around the merry go round of existence until we get a feel for what that purpose may be. Then you just have to fulfill that purpose.

This is a spiritual awakening, a feel for what your purpose is, which is brought on by honestly connecting with yourself. Which you find by losing your conditioning. We all have conditioning, it starts from the very moment we switch from the very innocent and spiritually enlightened state of a baby to the physically conscious child.

The Steps Of A Spiritual Awakening

I do not claim this to be the ultimate guide and these things often happen in a different sequence and phases often repeat (we are circular creatures). This is just my understanding of the process and something I have also observed in others:

1) A Knowing

This is the start and starts from the moment we become aware, we know all is not as it seems, we just cannot put our finger on it. This ranges from a small inclination to a massive hole in what we intuitively know to exists, but it all starts with that knowing.

2) Questioning

This is the transition that many refuse to make or only partially make because they become disillusioned with the answers received. Most people at some point start to ask questions of how we got here, why we are here and who we are, the difference between those who find out is in persistence and dedication.

3) Self-Discovery

When we question enough, we eventually find the right questions and this is when true self-discovery happens. What are our values? What is our purpose? What tools do we need? Who am I? When we keep probing and accept that there may be a higher intelligence that can guide us, we get led to the next level of discovery, which often (but not always) leads to the next step.

4) Euphoria

It is quite common upon finding answers about yourself and existence that you get excited. This is common among others, but in my own personal experience, I had a mildly psychotic euphoric period of around 6 months. I was happy all the time, but also very overpowering with my ideas and realizations.

5) Ego Flare

This euphoria can often lead to a massive ego flare when you think you have arrived at an understanding of yourself, society and often secret knowledge it is common for your ego to flare up giving you a feeling that you understand the world on a different level than most people do.

6) Dark Side

Once you fully realize yourself, and the potential you have it can often lead to a sour feeling. Some call this the dark night of the soul. It is basically a spiritual crisis. There are many reasons for the spiritual crisis, but 2 common reasons are a lack of support or feeling isolated-

7) Ego Softening

After this dark side, we often find ourselves softening, the quote from Socrates rings true here “the more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.” sometimes you need to step into the dark side of your ego to fully realize it as a humble servant. When you discover the right information you can often be full of knowledge, but short on wisdom, this is when it is time to soften the ego.

8) Synchronicity

Things can get very mystical when you start to go down the rabbit hole, synchronicity is one of those magical things. Synchronicity is when a one or more meaningful coincidences happen that relate to each other. These often lead you to soul opportunities, information, and relationships.

9) Trusting

With synchronicity and living in line with your true purpose comes a huge level of trust. Sometimes you need to let go of every piece of your rational mind and live on pure intuition. You will often need to jump without knowing how to fly and just take the opportunity which is presented when it is accompanied by that real soul feeling of knowing. This can be difficult as everything we have ever been told is to plan, learn and work up to our opportunities, however, sometimes the perfect thing happens with no warning and needs to be run within an instant.

10) Finding

All of your spiritual awakenings can be validated, but it often comes after a great deal of search and discovery. Many people stop looking before this stage, but once you gain the eye to see you cannot help but find validation of your adventure in every aspect of the universe. You see- the miracle we are searching for is ourselves- we often trek the globe, read every book under the sun and seek out teachers of every kind only to realize it is us we have been searching for.

11) Enlightenment

At this moment we become enlightened- but the question here is- is enlightenment a permanent state? Or just the beginning of the next chapter?

12) The Cycle Continues

The cycle can often repeat, sometimes missing a few steps. Sometimes showing us the lessons we thought we had learned from a different angle. But we continue to climb the steps, sometimes stepping down a step or 2- only to climb 5 rapidly after. Sometimes we reach the top of the staircase, only to realize when we turn the corner there is another case to climb. Maybe the journey is endless, maybe not- but whatever this great adventure is- you can choose to do it all with a smile. Good luck on your adventures.

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Luke Miller is the author of this article and creator of Potential For Change. Luke Likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.

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