The Law of Attraction

Our Connection to the Universe: The Law of Attraction

The Science Behind The Law of Attraction

Do we as human beings really have a connection to the universe? As strange as it may seem the law of attraction tells us that the very life we are living came about simply by our thoughts. In other words, our thoughts have such an immense impact on us and the way we behave, the words we speak and the actions we do whether they are conscious or unconscious. Therefore this means that a person could be sending out good vibrations or energy whether it’s positive or negative. With all this in mind, we can safely say that anyone from anywhere can achieve just about anything their hearts desire.

So where does all this energy come from? It is believed that it comes from our soul or spirit the part of us that is connected to a higher source or to God. So then if every individual has this inner spiritual energy then it does not matter what religion you belong to or even if you are an atheist, you can connect with that higher power or God and ask anything you desire to have. This is what many believe to be the connection between spirituality and the law of attraction. So if this is so, then the belief that many staunch practicing Christians have, that if you are not a follower of God, then you will not receive his blessings or even be connected to Him in any way is thrown out the window?


According to many experts in this field, the law of attraction is indeed a law! Just like the law of gravity it cannot be escaped from or avoided in any way. This Law says that it is possible for the created to be like the creator simply by thought. Of course, many Christians may think this border on blasphemy, but according to the connection this law has with a person’s spirituality many would disagree. Anyway, this law does not care whether you are a good or bad person by nature, rich or poor, educated or not it is what it is. Taking all these into consideration, then is it safe to say that every action that has ever happened in our lives came into being simply by our thoughts? If this is what the law of attraction entails then human beings need to pay attention to their thoughts and what vibrations they give off to all those who come in contact with their aura.

Being aware is therefore of great importance. Awareness of one’s surroundings, ones’ actions and according to the law of attraction, we need to be aware of our thoughts. So then each individual is responsible for his or her happiness and success. If you want a life full of joy and peace, then those are the vibes you need to give out, and the universe or God will return them back to you. It’s like a boomerang effect, so be careful not to send out negative vibes.

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