Do I exist? Do we exist?
Are we a figment of God’s imagination?

While others question God’s existence, I question my own existence. What am I to God? What are we to God?

I ask that you keep an open mind here. Once you start to believe that your view of the world is the only correct view, you’ve closed your mind to other possibilities, and a closed mind thinks no new thoughts.

I suppose in someway we do exist. If we didn’t I wouldn’t be typing this and you wouldn’t be reading it. But I don’t know in what way we exist. Are we a figment of God’s imagination?

It’s often postulated that God is a figment of our imagination. I propose the opposite: We are imagined by God.

When you’re writing a story or dreaming a dream are you not creating a universe and life? The only reason we don’t believe that “Superman” or “Lord of the Rings” is real is that we exist outside that universe but if we were Bobo Baggins we wouldn’t know that we are just developed characters in the mind of J.R.R Tolkien. Jerry Siegel, the creator of “Superman” imagined his characters, created the scenery, and such for his universe. In your head, you can create matter out of nothing. Why couldn’t God do the same? God creating our existence in the same way Tolkien wrote “The Hobbit”?

figment of god's imagination

Are we nothing more than God’s Imaginary friends? Kids often create an imaginary friend to fill a void. Is that what we are to God? His imaginary friends? Being all-powerful, having just one imaginary friend wouldn’t suffice. God would need a whole world of imaginary friends to fill the grand void in his existence. Being immortal it’s safe to say God is still growing, still young. When he matures a bit more, just as our kids do, Will he lose his need for his imaginary friends?

Perhaps we’re a dream, maybe even a nightmare God’s having. Maybe God is Dreaming about us and when he wakes up he’ll think it was such an incredible dream he’ll create us for real. Are we just the humans that he’s dreaming of or are we the humans he created from what he dreamed?

What if we are his dream and he happens to wake up? Well, I think we’re safe there. God’s sleep probably lasts a VERY long time.

So back to the question “what if we are nothing more than a figment of God’s imagination?” Do we then stop believing that we’re human beings, made up of flesh and blood? Well, why should we? God isn’t imagining that we’re a table. God’s imagining that we’re human and therefore, within the story that he has created we do exist.

Are we powerless in this story? dictated by what God’s imagining? I think the answer is no. God has allowed his imaginations to have their own imaginations and their own dreams. He had to do it. We would be awful boring to him if we didn’t have a few surprises up our sleeves.

Enjoy your existence now, imagined or not because you never know when God might wake or grow up.

Are we a figment of God’s imagination? I’m interested in knowing your opinions.

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Steven B Trisel
Steven B Trisel

I am who I am, and God is Who or What God IS regardless of what you imagine, think, feel or believe. God touched the perfect singularity and gave birth to the Universe, the expanded quantum particle now appearing as energetic wave phenomena. Whatever else God was, IS, or will Be remains to be seen!

Clive 'Woody' Woodland

God is Spirit and spirit is infinite Intelligence, Wisdom and Knowledge. We all are unique manifestations of this one spirit. We descended from infinite Intelligence, to experience limited intelligence in physical forms.