I want to know: What is My Purpose?

What is my Purpose? humility

What is My Purpose?
What am I? Why am I here?

These are Questions asked by nearly all of us at some point in our lives. Many people have been fortunate and already found the answer in their bible, in their God. I haven’t been so fortunate. I’m still searching. If you’re still searching you might find Blended Accords of interest. Maybe together we can answer this question.

What is my purpose?

What does it mean when a person asks that question?  It is a very vague an broad question and I don’t intend to narrow it down. The truth is, that question means something different to different people.

Blended Accords has a large mix of articles I’ve come across and written that give insights into the question. I haven’t yet come up with any one thing that provides the answer and quite possibly never will. But I do believe that what I’ve posted provides insight into the question. This website is forever changing. As I gain more insights, the subjects of my articles change. Believe it or not When I first started this website it was about the blending of essential oils. Thus the name of my site: Blended Accords!

The goal really isn’t to find the final answer to what is my purpose? The goal is to make you think. I want you to say “Wow I never thought about it that way” or “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard!” Maybe with luck, my searches will set you on your own path to enlightenment.

I try as much as I can to inject humor and to make my posts as easy to read as possible.

Blended Accords won’t succeed without your comments. I invite you to leave comments, suggestions, and opinions. You’re encouraged to send your own theories or opinions that might give a glimpse into answering the question: What is my purpose?
Remember this website is new so the likelihood of your article being published is excellent. Humor is greatly encouraged.

Good Luck on Your Quest

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